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  1. You may view the full list of patients by clicking the ‘Show Records’ button.

  2. You may also find a patient record using the ‘Filters’ section on the left-hand side of the homepage screen. This tool allows you to search and sort patients using a variety of options. In addition to the basic Name and MRN search options, you may click on the ‘Show Advanced Filters’ to filter data by a number of other patient features.

  3. The ‘Columns’ section on the left-hand side of the homepage allows you to customize your view of the patient list by choosing which columns to display on this view.

  4. Clicking the ‘Recently Accessed Records’ button will display the most recent records you have accessed above the main listing for quick access. Clicking on the button again will hide this list.

  5. New patient records can be added by using either the ‘Add Patient’ button located below the list of records or at the top right of the homepage.

  6. Clinic administrators can use the ‘Patient Report’ button located on the top navigation bar. This reporting function allows your clinic to use this site as a patient database and customize the returned set of records using a number of options to filter included patients and control which data is displayed. Reports can be downloaded in Excel format. Excel downloads require a cell phone number in your user profile; a password for the downloaded data will be sent to this number by SMS text message.


Import Changes on Patient List Page

We have imported existing records into the new Passport for Care Clinician Website. By using the ‘Imported Changes’ toggle button located in the ‘Columns’ section, those patient records that were affected by the import will be highlighted. We encourage you to review these Care Summaries.