How do I reset a clinician password?

To assist a user in your clinic reset their password, first encourage them to use the built-in “Reset Password” functionality on the website. However, if they have difficulties, such as being unable to receive the email, a clinic administrator can provide the password reset link to a user directly. For security purposes, this action is recorded in the clinic audit log.


To access a user’s password reset link:

  • Go to “User Administration” section (this section is only available to clinic administrators).

  • Find the user whose password you wish to reset in the user list.

  • Click on “View” in the “Reset Link” column.

  • The link to reset the password will be presented at the bottom of the page.

  • Securely email it to the user.

If the user has also forgotten their username, you can find it by clicking on the user’s name in the “User Administration” list. The username will be displayed in the first field in the form. Consider communicating username sand password reset links in separate secure emails or communications.