How to generate a patient report?

This section is only available to users designated as clinic administrators. Click on the Patient Report tab on the systems navigation bar at the top of the page to run clinic reports.

Filters and options for data to be displayed are on the left.


To retrieve ALL clinical data, do not choose any parameters, just click “view” if <200 records, or just click “download” if > 200 records.

To retrieve filtered data, simply enter and choose parameters and data to display, then choose “view” if <200 records, or “download” if > 200 records.

In either case:

When you choose “download” you will receive a text with a code to securely open the downloaded excel file. (to receive the text, your cell # must be entered in your “user administration” profile).


If saving the file, please note the secure access code will expire in 3 weeks, so save on a secure server and choose save without password. Consider saving data set as “datasetasof08312022” for example, as you should anticipate adding to data sets as new Survivors are added to your clinics’ PFC.

The report generated will include all patients that meet the specifications we provide to the system. At the top of the report, you will see the number of records that the report has, as well as a blue text underneath which operates as a view filter of the information which is displayed.

If clicked, it lists all the sections from those records that are included in the report. If you want to view the data for a specific section, simply click on a section to view the data from the records that are captured in the report.


You can “view” the data online when only up to 200 records are included but needs to be downloaded in excel for > 200 records.