How do I add or remove a clinician account?

Clinic Administrators are able to manage clinician user accounts for their clinic, including adding new clinicians and administrators and deactivating accounts for users who no longer need access to the PFC. We encourage clinic administrators to regularly review the users in their clinic.

Adding a new Clinic User

  • Go to “User Administration” section.

  • Click “Add user” at bottom of list.

  • Enter information (fields with asterisks are mandatory). PFC recommends that you use usernames that match your institutional accounts or a standard naming scheme such as first initial and last name.

  • Be sure “Active” box is checked.

  • When selecting the user’s role, consider:

    • “Read only” allows the user to view all patient information, but not to update or add patients.

    • “Editor” allows the user to add or edit patient data in addition to the permissions granted to “Read only” users.

    • “Administrator” allows the user to manage clinic users and query and download bulk patient data through the “Patient Reports” function.

  • Click on “Save” button.

Removing a Clinic User

  • Go to “User Administration” section.

  • Find the user that you would like to remove and click on his or her name.

  • Uncheck the “Active” box.

  • Click on “Save” button.

Clinic administrators should ALWAYS INACTIVATE USERS when they are no longer affiliated with the institution or clinic-- Passport for Care is not connected to your institution’s user management and accounts will NOT be deactivated automatically when they leave. Otherwise, they will retain access to your clinic's records.