Video Training and Tutorials

The Passport for Care application is an Internet resource that addresses the need to provide survivors of chronic illnesses with access to their medical information. The website uses the patients’ care summary information to produce individualized reports based on the Children’s Oncology Group follow-up care guidelines. This automated process significantly reduces the amount of time needed to compile the correct information for each patient. 

Passport for Care Clinician Website Tutorials

These tutorial materials consist of text and videos that are part of a pre-recorded tutorial series on using the Passport for Care Clinician Website and additionally provide clinicians with information on what the Passport for Care Survivor Website has to offer.

The test case template for this tutorial series can be found here: [insert test case]

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Managing Patients

Managing Survivor Portal Access

Treatment Summary, Comprehensive and Abbreviated View

Additional Information, Cumulative and Abbreviated Summary, Survivor Account, Revision History

Follow-Up Guidelines, Screening Recommendations

User Administration, Patient Report

System Notification, Helpdesk Requests, Help/FAQs

Passport for Care Survivor Website Training Videos

These are additional videos that provide guidance to clinicians that describe how to equip patients with access to their Survivor Website and what it has to offer to patients. The Passport for Care Survivor Website is available to patients 24/7 and empowers survivors with a tailored and comprehensive long-term care plan that can be shared with their healthcare providers.

How to Generate the Survivor Website Activation Code

Clinician Guide to the Passport for Care Survivor Website