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Q: What is the Passport for Care?

The Passport for Care is a free online resource that provides childhood cancer survivors with access to a tailored and comprehensive long-term care plan that can be shared with their health care providers.

Q: How can the Passport for Care help survivors' health care providers?

The Passport for Care educates providers on how to provide survivorship care helping them understand possible issues survivors may experience after cancer treatment and how to check for any late effects.

Q: Can the Passport for Care be utilized as a patient database?

Yes, we encourage you to utilize the Passport for Care and its ability to generate clinic wide reports as a tool similar to a patient database; however, keep in mind that the Passport for Care is not a replacement for an Electronic Medical Record.

Q: How can I recover my account if I lost my password?

Users should first attempt to use the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the login page. Next, users can contact their clinic administrator who is able to manage account access for users at their clinics. If further assistance is needed use the Helpdesk ticketing system or email the site admins at

Q: How do I submit a technical issue that I have encountered while using the Passport for Care?

If you experience a technical issue, an email is automatically sent to the technical team.

Q: How do I submit a general question, suggestion, or request?

Users can use the Helpdesk ticketing system to get their issues to the site admins. A submission that has a detailed description of the issue is helpful to include. 

Q: Why am I unable to access certain features on the Passport for Care?

Access to certain features is determined by the type of user role you have been assigned. These types vary between the Read-only user, the Editor user, and the Administrator user. Contact your clinic administrator if you believe your account is the wrong type.

Q: When entering patient information, will selecting ‘Unknown’ or ‘Other’ affect the guidelines generator?

Yes, the algorithm which uses required fields on entry forms to generate patient guidelines is hindered anytime you enter ‘Unknown’ or “Other' as the entry. Users are encouraged to always enter the most accurate patient information. If the site does not have a selection that your patients would benefit from, please reach out to the technical team.

Q: How can I retrieve the Passport for Care data entered from my clinic?

Clinic administrators will be able to find the ‘Patient Report’ tab on the top of their screen after logging in. From this tab, administrators are able to run customizable reports for their clinic. Clinic reports are tailored using the Filters tool to set the parameters of the report and the Data tool to drill-down on the data points of interest.

Q: How do I open my clinic report?

To download a report you must have a mobile number listed on your account. When downloading a report for the first time, the Excel document will be password protected. The password will be sent to your mobile device.

After successfully opening the report for the first time, you may save the document to your device without the password requirement. To remove the password, first click on ‘Enable Editing’, select ‘File’, and then click the ‘Protect Workbook’ option. A drop-down menu will appear, select ‘Encrypt Document’, clear the password, and click 'Okay'. Now you can save the document to your device to open it later without the password.

Q: How do survivors access the Passport for Care Survivor Portal?

Survivors must be given an access code from their clinic (Click here to view a short video guide of how to generate a code for the survivor).

Q: What happens to a patient activated account when the Survivor turns 18?

The account will be disabled on the survivor's 18th birthday. Your clinic needs to generate another code for the survivor to activate the account for themselves (Click here to view a short video guide of how to generate a code for the survivor).

Q: What can survivors find in the Passport for Care Survivor Portal?

The Passport for Care Survivors Portal provides:

  • Secure access to the survivor’s cancer treatment summary

  • Specific, evidence-based follow-up care recommendations developed and updated regularly by the Children’s Oncology Group

  • Potential late effects based on the survivor’s treatment exposures

  • Tests that are recommended to screen for potential late effects

  • A printable summary and follow-up guide to share with health care providers

  • Relevant educational “Health Links” tailored to specific treatments

Click here to view a short video guide providing clinicians a walkthrough of the Survivor Portal.

Q: How can survivors find a survivorship clinic in their area?

Click here for help finding a Passport for Care survivorship clinic near you. Click here for all survivorship clinics.

Q: Can the Passport for Care help survivors get health insurance?

No, the Passport for Care is not an insurance provider; however, it can help health care providers and survivors know what to expect during long-term follow-up. A financial counselor or social worker in a long-term survivor clinic may be able to help find health insurance options.

Q: Does the Passport for Care use survivor’s treatment information for research?

The Passport for Care will not use the survivor’s information for research without first obtaining consent.